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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

What is a penis fish

There's something beautiful about heading off to a sea shore in the winter. The cool, salty breeze whips through your hair like you're some sort of Byronic saint, alone with just your considerations and the ocean—and, at times, a few thousand wriggling penis fish.

That is the thing that happened recently at Drakes Beach in Inverness, CA, as indicated by Bay Nature's "Ask the Naturalist" section. The photograph, which researcher Ivan Parr concedes may legitimately irritate a few watchers, shows "a great many 10-inch wiggly pink wieners" strewn over the sand—and this is certainly not a one-time event. Penis fish have raged our shores previously, and they will without a doubt attack once more
The penis fish were in that spot from the beginning. The species hangs out in the sloppy sand of shallow waters that stretch from southern Oregon to northern Mexico, burrowing U-molded tunnels to squirm around in. One finish of those tunnels is regularly topped with mass of bodily fluid, which the penis worm ousts to go about as a kind of net wherein to get tiny fish and other little nourishment particles during elevated tide. The opposite end as a rule includes a heap of crap, which the penis worm impacts out of the passage by shooting a stream of water out of its butt. An entire host of other minor sea shore critters discover these facilities very pleasing, and eat any bodily fluid got nourishment particles that are unreasonably huge for their hosts' preferences. Sadly, solid tempests have the ability to remove the whole bundle of them by working up the grime—which is actually what occurred at Drakes Beach.

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